Mindless Thoughts EP OUT NOW (Press Release)

[Official Press Release] Zolo has released his sophomore EP Mindless Thoughts. Expanding his eclectic creativity to making music, Mindless Thoughts blends in multiple genres, with the six-track EP showcasing yet again his versatile approach to music. The EP is available on all major music stores and streaming platforms. You can listen to it on Spotify here.

The first single off the EP, “Brand New”, brings in infectious melodies and contagious horns for an overall feel-good vibe, emblematic of Zolo’s positive mindset to music. His track “Everything Goes” consists of an engaging mashup of hip hop verses coupled with an electronic backdrop. “Too Much” shows a slower, almost balladic side of Zolo, while still engaging an R&B feel along with the artist’s lyrical expressionism similar to “Been A Long Time”. The other songs, from “Just Met” and “Need Somebody” provide a quicker, upbeat pace, all adding to an EP that demonstrates Zolo’s unique voice.

Zolo, who’s born in the UK but currently based in Toronto represents positivity, ambition, and fun. He’s known for his eclectic approach to music, borrowing from multiple genres, such as EDM, hip hop, pop, and more, all amounting to a feel-good party vibe, breathing life into dancefloors.

Zolo Zolo